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You can  be coached by Gary Vaynerchuk (AI)

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How it Works



"We compiled all 321 videos from the #AskGaryVee playlist on YouTube and entered them into a vector database. Additionally, we selected a few episodes from the Gary Vee Experience to incorporate more recent data. The fine-tuning process involved two key roles: first, comprehending all the advice Gary has ever dispensed, and second, grasping Gary as an individual—how he responds to and delves into various questions."


What to expect  from Gary AI

Gary Vee AI well take all the provided parameters and respond to your in the best Gary Vee response possible. F Bombs included.


Handling Questions

You can talk to Gary for 2 minutes using your voice. No matter what language you use, he will answer you in your own language. During those 2 minutes, you can say everything you need to get the best answers. After that, we pick out the important parts of your question. These are the things the computer thinks about when making an answer. We also figure out how you feel from your question.


What will GaryVeeAI know about me

Some questions to Gary can be a little personal we do not share any personal information about you the user, and when sharing responses we will not share the full transcripts. All questions to Gary Vee AI are public and come with a sharable URL

Motivation for Gary Vee AI

Mark Campbell


Mark Campbell

No, this isn't a corporate giant releasing an AI to bring about the end of the world, nor is it the powerful suppressing the smaller players. It's simply someone who sought advice from the finest resources. I wondered what it would be like to spend time with my favorite business minds and access their insights when I face challenges. While I aspire for Gary Vee to one day embrace something I create within his own organization and engage in a conversation about it, I must settle for the next best option: crafting an AI version of him.
Mentorship as a AI Service
Gary isn't my first AI advisor, but it's the first one I'm introducing to the world because I believe that others can truly derive value from the insights I've gained while developing these technologies. I sought advisors to assist me in the expansion of usemelville.com, and Gary proved to be an excellent marketing mentor

Advice from Gary Vee AI

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do with my audio recording?

We change audio into words and then remove it from the system. We don't keep or use any audio files again. Other people can't see the words you said because we only use the questions. Sometimes, a bit of what you said might be used in the answer. You can also remove any answer you start.

Can I take all my data?

Yes, what comes out of it is yours – anything it makes can be saved. You can also remove questions you asked before. The answers from Gary Vee AI aren't used to teach the computer.

When will the application be ready?

It's almost 90% done already. But I want to get Gary involved – it looks like him, after all. I find it really difficult to explain what's in my head, so I thought it'd be simpler to do a little bit of show and tell to everyone, hoping he'll see it 😉.

Is this Gary Vaynerchuk?

No, it's like something made by a computer that needed a lot of work. I really want to talk directly to @garyvee, so feel free to tag him and let him know smart people want to have a one-on-one chat.

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